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Les villages vacances VTF welcome you summer or winter, in full board or location in France for an all inclusive holiday with family or friends

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Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

All-inclusive holiday villages in France and stays abroad

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Child: if the date of birth is not given, the person will be considered as an adult

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

• VTF is a Loi Locale 1908 association with headquarters at 57 Rue de l’Ancien Hôpital 57100 Thionville - FRANCE  • Union d'Associations VTF, 1460 route de Galice 13090 Aix en Provence cedex 02 - FRANCE • Registered in the Register of  Tour and Holiday Operators with no. IM013100049 • N° TVA Intracommunautaire FR78775619588  • Financial guarantee UNAT FMS • Professional civil liability insurance AXA – 313 terrasses de l’Arche – 92727 Nanterre Cedex - FRANCE • Participation in a stay described on this website implies acceptance of the following general conditions.

Terms and Conditions: summer and winter stays for stays in France

Valid from 1/11 to 31/10 and permits several stays in the year • €40/family • €20/individual and camping
Your booking is only effective on receipt of your deposit, the amount of which is 30% of the total sum of the stay with a minimum of €40 for stays of less than 4 days and €230 for stays of 4 days and over. If the deposit is not received within 8 days, the booking will be considered cancelled.
• The balance of your stay must be paid for 4 weeks before the departure date without any further notice from us.
If registering less than 1 month before the departure date: payment of the whole cost of the stay.
• 21 days before the departure date, payment by bank card is required.
Failure to settle the balance on the arranged date may be considered as a cancellation, with no refund possible.  
• In accordance with Article 33 of Ordinance no. 86.1243 of 1/12/1986, in the event of the payable amount being paid after the payment date appearing on the invoice, it shall produce, beyond the deadline automatically set by the Terms and Conditions, as a penalty for late payment, interest equivalent to one-and-a-half times the legal interest rate.
Payment by instalments possible, enquire at our agencies.
The rates published in this website are given subject to error or omission. VTF reserves the right to increase these rates due to any regulatory or fiscal economic changes (exchange rate, taxes, VAT etc.) Our rates are valid on the dates stated except in the event of force majeure.  
Summer and winter stays
6 year-olds go free: for all stays entitled to this offer, only children accompanied by their own parents or grandparents will be included. A document proving the age of the children may be requested during the stay. This offer is limited to 1 child per family. The following children’s rates are shown in the rates tables.
Large families: 50% discount for the 3rd child onwards for the summer, Christmas, New Years’ Day and February holidays in the villages stated in the brochure or on the website. This rate applies to minor children, the youngest sharing the parents’ bedroom or that the paying brothers and sisters. Whatever the configuration of the accommodation unit, the beds filled first are those of the parents and paying elder children. Only minor children accompanied by their own parents or one of the two are included. If the rate stated in the table is lower or free, the latter shall be applied.
e.g.: for a family of 2 adults and 4 children accommodated in 2 bedrooms of 3, only 1 child (and not 2) is at 50% (2 adults and 1 child in the 1st  bedroom so no 3rd  child. 3 children in the 2nd bedroom, so the 3rd at 50%.) If this same family is accommodated in 3 bedrooms of 2 people no flat rate applies.
10% discount for stays of 2 or more consecutive weeks at the same destination: this discount shall be applied after deduction of any other discounts on the stay that you may receive according to your destination and your dates. Offer valid for stays with full board or lets, for the villages and dates stated in the brochure or on the site.
- for "Pack Itinérance" bookings: offer valid for villages included in this offer. If one of the 2 weeks is cancelled, the discount shall be cancelled on the remaining stay.
 • "1st minute" offers, “IDvacances” with discount of up to 30% on the dates and VTF destinations stated in the brochure and on the site and booked and confirmed before the 20/01, 20/02 or 20/03 for summer stays before 15/09 or 15/10 for winter stays. This offer shall be applied after deduction of the other discounts on the stay that you may receive according to your destination and your stay dates, and on the costs of the stay only. In the event of modification of the place or date of the stay after the expiry date of the offers, the discount shall be cancelled.
 • “Packs Surprise”: these stays at promotional rates must be confirmed before the 20/02 for Summer stays and before 15/10 for Winter stays subject to availability according to the beds allocated to the operation. The stays are IN NO WAY modifiable (date, place and participants) and no cancellation (even partial) may result in a refund, whatever the reason and date. These rates are non-cumulative with any other promotional offer or refund. If you book a stay of 2 weeks, we do not guarantee that the 2 weeks will be at the same destination. Similarly, if you wish to stay with a host family, we cannot guarantee that the same destination will be allocated to you.
• “IDfûtées”: conditions of application, generic pages of the summer and winter brochure pages
Other rates
Children: the age of the children included in the degressive rate is the age on the date of arrival at the stay location.
Single bedrooms: on certain dates and in certain villages, a request for single accommodation can be accepted, according to our availability. Supplement per night is per person: VTF villages: 17 - Ste Maxime: 22. For “single” promotions, the number of bedrooms is limited, subject to availability of double bedrooms.
• All-in packages (fitness, golf, “Résa Ski” Pack. etc.) must be booked at the same time as your stay and are non-discountable. Any cancellation, by you, less than 3 weeks from the stay cannot be refunded even if you have already registered for the cancellation plan. Bookings must be made 3 weeks before the stay at the latest. Some of these stays are subject to a minimum number of participants being registered in the pages of the brochure or the website. The same rule applies for the “services” part (excluding full board) of the “Vita+” stays, snowshoes, hiking etc.
Accommodation supplement  in gîtes with full and half board (Singleyrac, Vernet residence and Arêches): a supplement of 5% will be applied to the amount of the stay costs all year round.
“ Résa Ski VTF” pack rates: rates are given for information purposes only
Thursday promotion: promotional offers are of limited number, non-retroactive, and non-cumulative with other offers in effect or with partner discounts.
Last-minute promotions: offers  are non-retroactive, applied to “R3”-size residences for “family quotient” rates, limited to beds allocated to the operation, non-cumulative with other promotions or discounts in effect or with partner discounts, non-exchangeable, non-modifiable.
Only the site for which you have made a booking is authorized to accommodate you. A change of holiday location caused by yourself alone will incur the entire payment, from the time of your arrival on another VTF site; this with no possibility of refund of the unfinished stay at the booked site.
Allocation of accommodation
• Allocation of your accommodation is according to its capacity and the number of persons registered. Some building types are organized for large families. Increasingly frequent requests from single-child families has led us to offer you accommodation in a family bedroom: the child shares the parents’ bedroom.
• The way the villages are organized can cause us to make modifications after registration. A family composed of 2 adults and 2 children, for which a booking of 2 separate bedrooms has been confirmed, may be accommodated in one family bedroom, without any reduction of rate.  Caution: in the case of a family with a family composition entailing the allocation of several bedrooms, including one single room, a single supplement shall be applied.
• The capacity of each accommodation unit is stated on each village page and appears on your stay booking in the case of let accommodation.
• For safety reasons, we cannot, under any conditions, accept more people than those mentioned in your application. If this rule is not obeyed, it will not be possible to accommodate the additional persons.
• Most of the villages have bedrooms for disabled persons (stated in each village profile.) See the “Holiday location” thumbnail of a village profile for more practical information.
Practical information
• Bedding is provided for all stays (sheets, blankets or duvets) along with bathroom linen in the full-board and half-board bases as well as for short rental stays (1 to 3 nights.) However, do not forget your bath towels for swimming-pool bathing and your relaxation time in our saunas and fitness centre!
 • Cots available on request. You will find baths at reception and high chairs in the restaurant.
• For full- and half-board stays, the end-of-stay housekeeping is included in the rate as well as for short lets (1 to 3 nights.) Housekeeping of the accommodation is at guests’ expense for the duration of the stay.
• For rental stays of 4 nights and over, maintenance of your accommodation is at your expense for the duration of the stay. We offer you a housekeeping service at the end of the stay on the site, but for stays in VTF residences we advise you to choose it at the time of booking.
*for the servicing and housekeeping rates for “partner villages” and partner letting residences please refer to the information communicated in the tables of rates.
Arrival and departure days vary according to the stay that you have chosen.
Weekdays: they run from 5 p.m. on the first day to 10 a.m. on the last day. In the full-board and half-board bases, the first service is dinner and the last service is breakfast (except for special cases specified in our site pages.)
Short stays and weekends 1 to 3 nights: they run from 5 p.m. on the 1st day to 2 p.m. on the last day. (10 a.m. for full-board and half-board during school holidays.) With full board, the 1st service is dinner and the last service is breakfast.
Midweek 6 days/5 nights: They run from 5 p.m. on the 1st day to 2 p.m. on the last day (accommodation must be vacated at 10 a.m. with luggage.) In full board, the 1st service is dinner and the last service is breakfast.
Full board: includes all meals. Picnic baskets possible on request at reception the day before.
Half board: includes breakfast and dinner. Note that in some of our villages, there is no kitchenette in the accommodations and lunch must be eaten outside.
Rental: in some villages, takeaway food is offered, with the option to take meals in the restaurant for a supplement and on reservation.
Your pets are not allowed (except guide dogs), for health and safety reasons. Failure to comply with this clause will incur a ban from accessing the village. Special cases: animals are allowed in some villages in France and VTF residences (see details on website.) A financial deposit is requested (amount in “Practical information”) for the disinfection of the accommodation after departure. Vaccination record required. Maximum of one animal per family, except for dogs of Pit Bull and Rottweiler type which may be dangerous to others (categories 1 and 2) and/or animals not considered as pets. They must be kept on a lead and cannot under any circumstances access the communal areas.
A deposit of €150 per family (€250 in VTF residences) is requested on arrival (except special cases), preferably by cheque. It is returned on the day of departure, after the check of the property and inventory. It covers the equipment made available. In the event of a departure at night-time, without inventory, the deposit will be returned subsequently minus any amount retained for which, in this case, the position of VTF cannot be disputed.
It will be added to your stay bill, except special cases. Its amount per day and per person (+ 18 years) varies according to the sites in question.
There is no individual insurance included in our rates or attached to VTF membership. Guarantee against theft only comes into effect in certain cases of breaking and entering in the buildings and within the limits set by the VTF insurer (for example, cash and jewellery are not guaranteed, or the theft of bank cards and ID documents.)
If costs are covered, the refund is with deduction of the depreciation and excess. To be receivable, the declaration must be accompanied by the filing of a complaint. VTF declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to vehicles and their contents, even in the free and unguarded car parking made available to guests.
(excluding non-refundable “Packs Surprise")
Very serious reasons may compel a family to cancel their stay. The refund terms and conditions are as follows: if the notification of cancellation is done by registered letter with recorded delivery (date of receipt providing proof). In all cases, the amount of the membership and the value of the cancellation plan remains paid to VTF.
more than 60 days before departure, the deposit is refunded. VTF retains the membership amount and 3% of the amount of the stay with a minimum of €25 by application.
the conditions are as follows:
between the 59th and 30th day before departure, VTF retains the deposit, equal to 30% of the stay (with a minimum of €40 or €230 according to the duration of the stay) and membership fee.
less than 30 days before departure, the entire stay is payable.
curtailed stay: the entire stay is payable.
We offer you subscription to a cancellation plan, 3% of the amount of the stay (with a minimum of €30), which covers the refunding of part of the amount paid in the event of problems on your side. Managed by VTF, it is optional and must be paid for at the same time as the booking or, at the latest, with the payment of the deposit. It allows you to enjoy, within the limits of the clauses detailed below, the refunding of the amount paid (excluding membership and cancellation plan) minus a retainer of:
- 5% of the amount of the stay with a minimum of €60 (€40 for a stay of less than 4 nights) and a maximum of €120 if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 59 days before the departure date of the stay.
- 10% of the amount of the stay with a minimum of €100 (€60 for a stay of less than 4 nights) and a maximum of €200 if the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the departure date of the stay.
The cancellation plan comes into effect the day after the subscription and is terminated at the end of the stay in question.
Cancellation justified by:
• A serious illness, a serious bodily accident or the death of yourself, your spouse or common-law spouse, your ascendants or your descendants, or your brothers and sisters. The term “serious illness” is understood to mean a change in health declared by a medical authority, of recognized competence, preventing him or her from leaving the bedroom and incurring the cessation of all activity, professional or otherwise. The term “serious accident” is understood to mean an un-intentional attack on the body of the victim, from the sudden action of an external cause and preventing him or her from all travel. Your cancellation plan guarantees you against the consequences of illnesses or accidents occurring after the subscription date.
• Serious harm (imperatively requiring your presence at the location) due to theft, fire or natural elements and affecting your main or secondary residence.
• The fact that a person of your family (spouse, ascendant or descendant) registered and the same time as you for the same application is ensured by the present contract, is cancelling for one of the guaranteed reasons listed above.
Clauses excluded from the contract
• Abuse of alcohol or drugs, mental illness, intentional acts, refusal of leave or loss of/return to the job.
Notifice of cancellation
You must give notice of your cancellation by registered letter with recorded delivery (date of receipt providing proof), as soon as possible to Aix en Provence and, if you have subscribed to the cancellation plan, attach all the supporting documents that will be used to check the legitimacy of your refund request.
*IMPORTANT: "Packs Surprise" stays, all packs and flat rates are not covered by the VTF cancellation plan.
In the event of partial cancellation of persons sharing a same accommodation or of the duration of the stay, VTF reserves the right to challenge the overall booking for reasons of schedule optimization. The conditions of cancellation for persons cancelling as well as for the remaining participants in the event of a booking not being kept are the same as those stated previously.
Failure to appear for a stay: please be aware that if, without prior notice, a family has not appeared within the 36 hours following the date confirmed for the start of the stay, this stay is considered cancelled, with no refund possible.  
Modification of the holiday booking: costs are retained to the extent of €30 per holiday booking for any change (place, participants and/or date). At less than 60 days, the conditions of cancellation apply.
Cancellation of a stay due to VTF, in the event of insufficient occupancy, and for schedule optimization reasons, VTF reserves the right to offer another destination or another date up to 21 days before the stay date. If no counter-offer is suitable, the stay is cancelled and fully refunded. A letter or e-mail will be sent with recorded delivery, without you being able to claim damages. VTF can also justify a decision to cancel the stay exonerated from liability as long as VTF provides proof that the failure to execute the contract is due, among other things, to a third-party event or person.
Cancellation after purchase online, the regulatory provisions governed by Article L121-20-4-2 of the Consumer Code do not permit the right of withdrawal in the context of activities of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure.
VTF is strictly liable with regard to the purchaser for the proper execution of the obligations resulting from the contract, whether these obligations are to be executed by itself or by other service providers, without being prejudicial to its right of recourse against the latter. However, VTF can exempt themselves from all or part of its liability by providing proof that the failure of execution or the improper execution of the contract is ascribable either to the client, or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable deed of a third party foreign to the provision of the services specified in the contract, or to a case of force majeure.
This phone number is exclusively reserved for requests concerning the tracking of your holiday booking, additional information or other information. Warning, no bookings on this number!
You may also consult your application or pay your deposit and/or the balance of your stay online by clicking here.
In accordance with the IT and Liberties Act of 6 January 1978 (N° 78/17), you have the right to access and correct data concerning you.  Unless you notify us of your objection, given in writing, VTF may sometimes send you contact details to other organizations.
Any complaint relating to the stay must be addressed within a period of 1 month max. after the return date by registered letter with recorded delivery to VTF Aix en Provence.
After seizing the quality service by registered letter (see Disputes) and, in the absence of agreement within a period of 60 days starting from the final letter of the client contesting the reply of VTF, the consumer can seize the mediator of Tourism and Travel (MTV Médiateur du Tourisme et du Voyage BP 80 303 - 75 823 Paris Cedex 17) . The contact details and conditions of referral to a mediator are available on the site
In the event of publication of photographic reports on the locations of your stays, you must inform us of your wish not to appear in our various annual publications.

Legal and regulatory provisions

Amended by Decree No 2017-1871 of 29 December 2017 transposing Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on package travel and linked travel arrangements. The provisions of the articles published below shall not apply to ticket bookings or ticket sales which are not part of a package tour.

Article R211-3
Any offer or sale of the services referred to in Article L. 211-1 shall entail the delivery of the appropriate documents that comply with the rules set out in the present section.
Article R211-3-1
The exchange of information before the conclusion of a contract, or the provision of the terms and conditions of the contract, is to be made in writing. This may be done electronically. The following is to be indicated: the name or corporate name and address of the organiser or retailer and their registration number in the register provided for in Article L. 141-3 or, where appropriate, the name, address and registration number of the federation or union referred to in Article R. 211-2, paragraph 2.
Article R211-4
Before concluding a contract, the organiser or retailer must provide the traveller with the following information: 
1.  The main characteristics of the travel services:
(a) The destination(s), itinerary and periods of stay, with the dates and, where accommodation is included, the number of nights included;
(b) The modes, characteristics and categories of transport, the points, dates and times of departure and return, and the length and location of stopovers and connections.  Where the exact time has not yet not been fixed, the organiser or retailer shall inform the traveller of the approximate time of departure and return;
c)  The location, main features and, where applicable, tourist accommodation category under the rules of the country of destination;
d) The meals provided;
e) Visits, excursions or other services included in the total price agreed on for the contract;
f) Where it is not apparent from the context, whether any of the travel services will be provided to the traveller as part of a group and in this case, if possible, the approximate size of the group;
g) Where the traveller's ability to enjoy other tourist services provided to him or her depends on effective verbal communication, the language in which said services will be provided;
h) Information on whether the trip or holiday is generally suitable for people with reduced mobility and, at the request of the traveller, precise information on the suitability of the trip or holiday taking into account the traveller's needs;
2° The company name and physical address of the organiser and retailer, as well as their telephone numbers and, if applicable, email addresses;
3°  The total price, inclusive of tax, and, where applicable, any additional fees, charges or other costs or, where these cannot reasonably be calculated before the contract is concluded, an indication of the type of additional costs that the traveller may still have to pay;
4° The payment terms, including the amount or percentage of the price to be paid as a deposit and the payment schedule for the payment of the balance, or financial guarantees to be paid or provided by the traveller;
5° The minimum number of people required for the trip or holiday to take place and the deadline mentioned in Article L. 211-14 (III) before the start of the trip or holiday before which the contract may be terminated in the event that this number is not reached;
6° General information about passport and visa requirements, including approximately how long it takes to obtain visas, as well as information on health-related formalities, for the country of destination;
7° It must be indicated that the traveller may cancel the contract at any time before the start of the trip or holiday, for a suitable cancellation fee or, where applicable, the standard cancellation fee claimed by the organiser or retailer, in accordance with Article L. 211-14 (I); 
8° Information on optional or compulsory insurance covering the cancellation fee should the contract be cancelled by the traveller or the cost of assistance, covering repatriation, in the event of accident, illness or death.
With regard to the packages defined in Article L. 211-2(II)(A)(2)(e), the organiser or retailer and the trader to whom the data is sent shall ensure that each of them provides the information set out in this Article insofar as it is relevant to the travel services they offer, before the traveller is bound by a contract.
The form in which the information listed in the present Article is to be communicated to the traveller shall be set out in a joint order of the Minister for Tourism and the Minister for the Economy and Finance. The joint order shall specify the minimum information to be provided to the traveller when the contract is concluded over the phone.
Article R211-5
The information referred to in Article R. 211-4(1), (3), (4), (5) and (7) provided to the traveller shall form part of the contract and may only be modified under the conditions set out in Article L. 211-9. 
Article R211-6
In addition to the information set out in Article R. 211-4, the contract must include the following: 
1° The traveller's special requirements that the organiser or retailer have accepted;
2° It must be indicated that the organiser and the retailer are responsible for properly carrying out all travel services included in the contract in accordance with Article L. 211-16, and that they are required to provide assistance if the traveller experiences difficulties, in accordance with Article L. 211-17-1;
3° The name and contact details of the entity providing insolvency protection, including its physical address;
4° The name, address, telephone number, email address and, if applicable, the fax number of the organiser or retailer's local representative, a point of contact or other service which enables the traveller to contact the organiser or retailer quickly and communicate with them efficiently, request assistance if the traveller is experiencing difficulties or complain of any non-compliance noticed during the trip or holiday;
5° It must be indicated that the traveller is required to communicate any non-compliance he finds during the trip or holiday in accordance with Article L. 211-16(II);
6° When minors, unaccompanied by a parent or another authorised person, travel on a contract which includes accommodation, information which enables direct contact with the minor or the person responsible for the minor at the place where the minor is staying;
7° Information on the available in-house complaint handling procedures and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and, where applicable, on the entity to which the trader belongs and on the online dispute resolution platform provided for in Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council;
8° Information on the traveller's right to transfer the contract to another traveller in accordance with Article L. 211-11.”
“With regard to the packages defined in Article L. 211-2(II)(A)(2)(e), the trader to whom the data is sent shall inform the organiser or retailer when a contract for a package is concluded.  The trader shall provide them with the information required for them to fulfil their obligations as an organiser. As soon as the organiser or retailer is informed that a package has been created, they are to provide the traveller with the information referred to in 1° to 8°, on a durable medium.
Article R211-7
The traveller may transfer his contract to a transferee who meets the same requirements as he does, to make the trip or holiday, as long as no part of the contract has been given effect to yet.
Unless otherwise agreed, the transferor must inform the organiser or retailer of his decision, by any means that allows acknowledgement of receipt to be obtained, no later than seven days before the start of the trip. Under no circumstances shall the transfer be subject to prior authorisation from the organiser or retailer. 
Article R211-8
Where the contract includes an express possibility that the price may be revised, within the limits provided for in Article L. 211-12, it must state precisely how such changes in price are to be calculated, for both an increase and a decrease, particularly with regard to transport costs and related taxes, the currency or currencies which may have an impact on the price of the trip or holiday, the portion of the price to which the change applies, as well as the rate of the currency or currencies used as a reference when the price specified in the contract was determined..
If the price is reduced, the organiser or retailer shall be entitled to deduct their actual administrative expenses from the refund owed to the traveller.  At the traveller's request, the organiser or retailer is to provide proof of such administrative expenses. 
Article R211-9
Where, before the traveller's departure, the organiser or retailer is obliged to change to one of the essentials of the contract, if they are not able to meet the specific requirements mentioned in Article R. 211-6(1), or in the event of a price increase of more than 8%, they are to inform the traveller of the following as soon as possible, on a durable medium, in such a way that it is clear, comprehensible and evident:
1° The proposed changes and, where applicable, their impact on the price of the trip or holiday;
2° A reasonable time period within which the traveller must inform the organiser or retailer of his decision;
3° The consequences of the traveller's failure to reply within the set time period;
4° Where applicable, the other arrangement being offered, as well as the price.
Where the changes to the contract or the substitute arrangement result in a trip that is a of a lower quality, or a lower cost, the traveller shall be entitled to a suitable reduction in the price.
If the contract is cancelled and the traveller does not accept any other arrangement, the organiser or retailer shall reimburse all payments made by or on behalf of the traveller as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 14 days after the contract was cancelled, without prejudice to compensation under Article L. 211-17.
Article R211-10
The organiser or retailer shall refund all payments made by or on behalf of the traveller, minus a suitable cancellation fee, as required in accordance with Article L. 211-14(II) and (III) or, under Article L. 211-14(I). Said refunds to the traveller are to be made as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 14 days after the contract is cancelled.
In the case provided for in Article L. 211-14(III), the additional compensation which the traveller may receive shall be at least equal to the penalty for which he would have been liable if the he had cancelled the contract on that date.
Article R211-11
The assistance which must be provided by the organiser or retailer in application of Article L. 211-17-1 consists of, in particular:
1° Providing necessary information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance;
2° Assisting the traveller with long-distance communication and with finding other travel arrangements.
The organiser or retailer is entitled to charge a reasonable price for this assistance if the traveller intentionally or negligently causes these difficulties. In no event shall the price charged exceed the actual costs incurred by the organiser or retailer.

In accordance with Article L133-4 of the Consumer Code: in the event of a dispute, consumers may resort to a contractual mediation procedure. This procedure is described in the VTF specific terms and conditions of sale.