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Les villages vacances VTF welcome you summer or winter, in full board or location in France for an all inclusive holiday with family or friends

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+32 (0)2 546 14 10

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

All-inclusive holiday villages in France and stays abroad

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VTF-all-inclusive holidays

VTF – all-inclusive holidays

The VTF association "L'Esprit Vacances" is based on founding principles, including that of the “right to holidays for every one of us”.

Ethical principles determine the social, economic, political and cultural project of the association. Totally non-religious, no form of communitarianism is allowed in its holiday villages. VTF is part of a society that refuses ultra-liberalism and profit as the only models for human relationships. It works towards a fairer and more equal society allowing each people to find personal fulfillment, including the most disadvantaged.

Holidays: a right for everyone

We fight for Human Rights and combat all forms of extremism and ideology based on racial hatred, intolerance or exclusion.
VTF brings together every kind of people excluding all religious or racial distinction. Our accommodation welcomes families, groups, and disabled people as well,  all social and professional backgrounds, including the most disadvantaged.

During the holidays: equality and openness

VTF offers to users its accommodation holidays which are special fun and relaxation moments  but also of personal development. This aim is based on a non-elitist idea of culture allowing everyone to reach knowledge. A culture based on openness to the world around us and inclusive of all social and human values.
We strive to organize entertainment in our villages and residences to promote personal growth, encouraging  people to meet, and allow each person to discover its personal talents and skills, with no competitive mindset.